Making a monitoring system for an escape room

Lately I’ve been asked to develop a monitoring system for an escape room. It had to be as simple and affordable as possible. The system is Raspberry Pi based, and it features an IP surveillance camera, a local wifi generated by the RPi to which the admin can connect, monitor the players, and send them messages via a websocket system.

The monitoring system is made of 3 elements: a smartphone, a raspberry pi (with a screen) and an IP surveillance camera.

A quick video of the final system (in French):

The raspberry pi is autonomous; once plugged, the server is automatically started via forever node, and the browser is automatically opened to the dedicated page in kiosk mode. A watchdog makes sure the system is always working.

This project was made with the help of the following ressources: chat example
Using the RPi in kiosk mode
Using the RPi as a Wifi Hotspot