Remixing museums

In november 2017 I had the opportunity to take part in a great experience: Museomix. For those of you who are wondering, here’s a definition of what Museomix is, as explained on their website:

Museomix [...] is an open community of innovation, culture, and technology enthusiasts who share the desire for a dynamic museum that is connected and interactive. Museomix, it is a gathering of mediators, tinkerers, designers, developers, graphic artists, communicators, artists, writers, scientists and other fans of culture, in the heart of a museum for a creative, intensive and festive 3-day marathon.

So, basically, you team up with strangers and try to come up with an idea that will showcase museum assets in a more accessible, fun and interactive way. The idea is then turned into a working prototype within a weekend!
The Museomix Switzerland event took place at EPFL Art Lab, an amazing place where culture, art and science are mixing together.

A short overview of this hectic weekend (french only).


After a short tour of the premises, we started working on our project. Our goal was to try and make the concept of big data more understandable and graspable from a human-scale point of view. So we created a physical video game based on reflex and speed that would allow visitors to measure their speed and compare it to the speed to which the big data is being processed. You can learn more about our project we called Datacubes here.

A short presentation of our interactive video game (french only)

The Datacubes project was made by:
Cécile Bucher
Caroline Buttet
Joëlle Cornuz
Marta D’Angelo
Alice Derammelaere
Coach: Yvan Nicolet